Why E-Bikes?

Classic cycling has evolved.

Let us get you up to speed in style.


tailwind ebike pedaling modes


When you want the E-Bike without the “E,” use manual mode for a traditional cycling experience.



Tailwind torque sensors give you just the right amount of power when you need it.


 full  power mode


Let Tailwind’s powerful battery + motor do the work when you need a break from pedaling.



Environmentally friendly

Save the world one ride at a time. CO2 emissions of an E-Bike are around 40 times lower than a car.


Saves money

It’s no secret that owning a car isn’t cheap. When you commute with an E-Bike, you save money on gas, parking, and maintenance.


You’ll actually use it

Studies show that electric bikes are used at least twice as often as regular bikes. 30% of e-bike riders use them at least once a day, and a whopping 81% ride at least once a week.


Keeps you fit

E-Bikes aren’t just for those who want to take it easy — you get to decide how much or how little pedal assistance you want.



Tailwind E-Bikes can accommodate whatever riding style you’re in the mood for: Manual mode, Pedal Assist, or Full Electric.


It’s fun!

At Tailwind, we’re all about making cycling more like fun, less like work.



The bicycle is a beautiful piece of technology. But if you’re a bike lover, you know they have their downsides. Hills. Wind. Working up a sweat on your way to the office.

At Tailwind, we’ve taken everything that’s great about cycling and done away with the rest, making riding more accessible, more comfortable, and more fun.

With E-Bikes becoming more and more popular, choosing from the many companies out there can overwhelming for consumers. Tailwind is committed to making it easy for our customers by giving them great value for their dollar and opening up the world of E-Bikes to those who previously thought electric bicycles were unattainable.

In a life full of headwinds and tailwinds, it is our honor to be the wind at your back.